Whole30 Day 6: I just want to take a nap

Day 6: My first weekend day this round of the Whole30.

For me, there is a difference in how I eat during the week and during the weekend. During the week everything is planned but I usually tend to not plan my lunches over the weekend. This leads to eating crappier food or snacking all day long. I decided this week to meal prep for the weekend as well. So today I had an already made lunch of chicken, veggies and a sweet potato. Paul was a little jealous that I already had my lunch planned. I did take a little nap but I love taking naps on the weekends.

But the most exciting news of today is, I think I found the jackpot! I was looking through Pinterest and I found a link to Whole30 Freezer Crockpot meals at New Leaf Wellness. She has 30 meals including a shopping list if you are making all 30. Since each of the meals is for 6 servings and it is just Paul and I, and we don’t have that much freezer space, I decided to start with 8 of the meals. I am not a big soup/chili person so I put aside about half of the meals. I will be doing the prep for these 8 meals on Monday but these recipes could be a game changer.


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